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Swatch Book / TEXTILE

Swatch Book

Features a quick release clamping design that allows you to lock down the 30mm frame tube just in seconds without removing the frame corner. Weight 950g ( 1.9 lbs)

Textile might be sewed by two or more pieces of fabric.



Lighting control carrying bag made of rugged polyester fabric with zippered closure and carrying handle provides a great solution for storage and transportation of the flags. To cater for the needs of the light control with flag, there ‘re 6 varieties of flag included single black net, double black net, single white net, double white net, artificial silk and 1/4 silk in each carrying bag. The deluxe bag with separated pockets is also available if it’s required.


Standard bag

TEXTILE-OENK1218S (12” x 18”)
TEXTILE-OENK1824S (18” x 24”)
TEXTILE-OENK2436S (24” x 36”)
TEXTILE-OENK3036S (30” x 36”)
Deluxe bag with separated pockets
TEXTILE-OENK1218D (12” x 18”)
TEXTILE-OENK1824D (18” x 24”)
TEXTILE-OENK2436D (24” x 36”)
TEXTILE-OENK3036D (30” x 36”)

Butterfiy Textile
4' x 4'
(1.2 m x 1.2 m )
6' x 6'
(1.8 m x 1.8 m )
8' x 8'
(2.4 m x 2.4 m )
12' x 12'
(3.6 m x 3.6 m )
20' x 20'
(6 m x 6 m )
Bag Color White
Green Yellow Blue
Black Double Nets KH-04-DNB KH-06-DNB KH-08-DNB KH-12-DNB KH-20-DNB
Black Single Nets KH-04-SNB KH-06-SNB KH-08-SNB KH-12-SNB KH-20-SNB
White Double Nets KH-04-DNW KH-06-DNW KH-08-DNW KH-12-DNW KH-20-DNW
White Single Nets KH-04-SNW KH-06-SNW KH-08-SNW KH-12-SNW KH-20-SNW
1/4 Grid KH-04-GQ KH-06-GQ KH-08-GQ KH-12-GQ KH-20-GQ
1/2 Grid (Lite Grid) KH-04-GH KH-06-GH KH-08-GH KH-12-GH KH-20-GH
Full Grid (Gridcloth) KH-04-GF KH-06-GF KH-08-GF KH-12-GF KH-20-GF
China Silk (White) KH-04-SCW KH-06-SCW KH-08-SCW KH-12-SCW KH-20-SCW
China Silk (Black) KH-04-SCB KH-06-SCB KH-08-SCB KH-12-SCB KH-20-SCB
Artificial Silk KH-04-SK KH-06-SK KH-08-SK KH-12-SK KH-20-SK
1/4 Stop Silk KH-04-SKQ KH-06-SKQ KH-08-SKQ KH-12-SKQ KH-20-SKQ
Mulsin Bleached KH-04-RMB KH-06-RMB KH-08-RMB KH-12-RMB KH-20-RMB
Mulsin Unbleached KH-04-RMU KH-06-RMU KH-08-RMU KH-12-RMU KH-20-RMU
Griffolyn Black/White KH-04-RGBW KH-06-RGBW KH-08-RGBW KH-12-RGBW KH-20-RGBW
Ultra Bounce Black / White KH-04-RUBW KH-06-RUBW KH-08-RUBW KH-12-RUBW KH-20-RUBW
Half Soft Frost KH-04-HSF KH-06-HSF KH-08-HSF KH-12-HSF KH-20-HSF
Full Soft Frost KH-04-FSF KH-06-FSF KH-08-FSF KH-12-FSF KH-20-FSF
Hi Lite KH-04-HL KH-06-HL KH-08-HL KH-12-HL KH-20-HL
Shiny Gold KH-04-RSG KH-06-RSG KH-08-RSG KH-12-RSG KH-20-RSG
Shiny Silver KH-04-RSS KH-06-RSS KH-08-RSS KH-12-RSS KH-20-RSS
Matte Gold KH-04-RMG KH-06-RMG KH-08-RMG KH-12-RMG KH-20-RMG
Matte Silver KH-04-RMS KH-06-RMS KH-08-RMS KH-12-RMS KH-20-RMS
Flector Gold KH-04-RFG KH-06-RFG KH-08-RFG KH-12-RFG KH-20-RFG
Flector Silver KH-04-RFS KH-06-RFS KH-08-RFS KH-12-RFS KH-20-RFS
Lame Checkerboard KH-04-RLC KH-06-RLC KH-08-RLC KH-12-RLC KH-20-RLC
White Denim KH-04-SWD KH-06-SWD KH-08-SWD KH-12-SWD KH-20-SWD
Heavy Duty KH-04-SHD KH-06-SHD KH-08-SHD KH-12-SHD KH-20-SHD
Black Velveteen KH-04-SBV KH-06-SBV KH-08-SBV KH-12-SBV KH-20-SBV
Chromakey - Digital Green KH-04-CKDG KH-06-CKDG KH-08-CKDG KH-12-CKDG KH-20-CKDG
Chromakey - Angloag Green KH-04-CKAG KH-06-CKAG KH-08-CKAG KH-12-CKAG KH-20-CKAG
Chromakey - Digital Blue KH-04-CKDB KH-06-CKDB KH-08-CKDB KH-12-CKDB KH-20-CKDB
Chromakey - Tempo Blue KH-04-CKTB KH-06-CKTB KH-08-CKTB KH-12-CKTB KH-20-CKTB