KH-08 / Butterfly frameButterfly frame Application

KH-08 / Butterfly Frame Kit 8' x 8' (2.4M x 2.4M)

- BF40 (4' square tube female) x 4

- BF45 (4' square tube male) x 4

- FH10 (Ear type frame supporter) x 2

- FC15A (Corner) x 2

- FC15B (Corner with nut) x 2

- A17 (Corner Bolt) x 2 Also fit for frame size 4' x 4'

Kupo butterfly frames are made of heavy duty 30mm square section aluminum tubes, which can be easily locked together and disassembled forstorage and transportation. Ear type frame supporters ( or Stud type with wire for 20' x 20' ) are provided for mounting the buttery frame on the stands allowing for a stable frame for silks, scrims, etc.


1. Capture frame within the corners for storage and easy handling.

2. Easily slots and pin lock connector.

3. The corner contain all tubes in a captive state, for a convenient storage and transportation. No more loose pieces that could be lost or damaged.


FC15A / A17 / FC15B(NUT) / FH10 / FH20 / SW-TB / BF40 / BF45 / BF60 / BF65

Butterfly frame Application