C-16 Baby Pipe ClampC-16 Baby Pipe Clamp


It is identical to old C clamp but has a 16mm baby stud. The collar on the top of the baby pin keeps it safe for pan  djustments of luminaries while the knob of the clamp is loosened. The safety wire is also built with the clamp to ensure this essential safety aid is always on hand.

● Weight: 0.95kg (2.09lbs)

● Safe Working Load: 100kg (220lbs)

When using c-clamps care must be taken to not over-tighten the pipe bolt which affixes the clamp to the batten. If this bolt is over-tightened, it can easily dimple or “drill” into the batten, seriously compromising the strength of the batten. A finger tight plus half turn with the wrench is all that is required.