KUPO Grip Mini Ali Clamp

KCP-350 / Mini Ali Clamp (Polish)

A compact clamp with 35mm clamping range similar to the Ali clamp but smaller. One of the most useful tools for a photographer, it can mount to the top of any lighting stand with a 5/8” socket or stud to hold props, reflectors and background drops or clip a small light fixture for tabletop shooting.

● Weight: 0.11kg (0.24lbs)

● Color: Polish

It is a handy multi-purpose steel clamp features three attachment methods: a spring-tension with rubber feet protection clamp which has a clamping range of 5-40mm, a 5/8" female socket and a 5/8" stud so it can be mount into a lighting stand, Convi Clamp, Super Viser or Grip Head to hold reflectors, gels, foam cores or flash securely in the studio and on location.