Step Ladder Mount

The bracket is made of 24mm thick aluminum plate with black anodized allows turning a step ladder into a tripod for capturing high-angle shot. It can be securely mounted on the step ladder with four adjustable hooks which take under 3mm thick ladder step. With 4 slots allow this bracket to be mounted on ladder step in maximum width 40cm. Front lip is tapped with M6 threads and including bolts for easily interchanging Bowl, Euro or Mitchell adapters to meet the specific requirement. The bracket predrilled M10 for adding clamps which can be connected with pipe to add counter weight. The rear end with a 3/8”-16 thread for attaching a rotatable eye ring to add weight and keep the ladders camera setup balance.

KUPO Grip KS-830 Step Ladder Mount Bracket


KS-830 / Step Ladder Mount Bracket

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KUPO Grip KS-834 150mm Bowl Adapter


KS-834 / 150mm Bowl Adapter

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KUPO Grip KS-836 Mitchell Adapter


KS-836 / Mitchell Adapter

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KUPO Grip KS-838 Euro Adapter


KS-838 / Euro Adapter

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KUPO Grip KS-671 Bowl / Mitchell to Euro Adapter


KS-671 / Bowl/Mitchell to Euro Adapter

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