KUPO Grip KAB-020 Camera CradleKUPO Grip KAB-020 Camera Cradle

KAB-020 / Camera Cradle

Made of European beech, the Kupo camera cradle allows you to convert your stand or tripod into a camera docking cradle during set lighting, talent blocking, and rehearsals. It features a 3/8”-16 underneath the cradle that can mount with tripod directly. Alternately, the cradle can be mounted on the light stand with the ball head adapter (KS-097LB included) which is 16mm inside and 28mm outside in diameter. The removable white nylon rod holder is mounted for rod size measured 15mm or 19mm in diameter. Mounting slots under the cradle are equipped makes it a snap to additional accessories with u-shaped sliding plate (check Tethermate accessories page) . The Velcro strap through U handle helps fasten objects on the cradle securely.








KUPO Grip KAB-020 Camera CradleFour 3/8”-16 female threaded are equipped for any equipment comes with 3/8”-16 male threaded (e.g. the Eye Ring with 3/8”-16 male threaded).
KUPO Grip KAB-020 Camera CradleU-handle allows to mount V-mount battery with U-shaped Battery Holder (KS-314B, optional). The Vercro Strap through U-handle helps fasten objects.
KUPO Grip KAB-020 Camera CradleRemovable rod holder for easy position adjustment.

KUPO Grip KAB-020 Camera CradleDetachable ball head adapter allows the cradle to mounted on light stand or tripod.
KUPO Grip KAB-020 Camera CradleMounting slots provide additional accessories with U-shaped sliding plate.
KUPO Grip KAB-020 Camera CradleNon-slip carpet stick firmly on the cradle and keeps items from slipping.