KUPO Grip KS-049R / Scraper
KUPO Grip KS-049R / Scraper

KS-049R / Scraper

The Scraper from Kupo is a stiff-bladed putty knife with a built-in baby 5/8-inch stud. The thin metal blade is designed to be wedged into the gap between a door and its frame, placed under a stack of books or between two books on a shelf, or even clamped to a ladder step. An additional four anchor points for the screws and nails fixed on the woodenware or ground. The lamp spring clips are also able to be equipped through the anchor points to hold your T-12 lamp. The knurled neck of 5/8”(16mm) baby stud for firmly hanging a small lighting fixture or any equipment comes with 5/8”(16mm) baby receiver.