KCP-144 & KCP-206

KUPO Telescopic Operating PoleKUPO Telescopic Operating Pole

KCP-144 / Telescopic Operating Pole (1.3M-4M), with classic top hook

KCP-206 / Telescopic Operating Pole (1.9M-6.4M), with classic top hook

Kupo Telescopic Operating Pole is made of aluminum alloy tube with black anodized surface finish. Constructed of four sections with three risers. While completely extended, it reaches 4M long for KCP-144, and 6.4M long for KCP-206. Each section comes with a quick-release clamp for easier lockup. Top hook helps to maneuver the panning, tilting and focusing of luminaire mounted at high position in the studio. Top hook is interchangeable with L-shape top hook, made with a horizontal prolonged rod, for the control the lighting fixture effortlessly. Aluminum pole diameter 20, 25, 30, and 35mm.

Spin-free connection between tubes is user-friendly, making the operation easy. Quick release tube clamp for instant lockup firmly.

Classic Top Hook

Laser-engraved arrow helps to fast figure out the direction of top hook.

Telescopic operating pole is used to control the lighting fixture mounted high at the studio.


With an extra L hook to adjust barndoor or fixture pan by pulling yoke directly. It is interchangeable with the classic top hook.

KUPO Telescopic Operating Pole
L-Shape top hook (KS-211) for effortless lighting control; interchangeable with classic top hook.
KUPO Telescopic Operating PoleRemovable handle is space saving for transportation and storage.