C-06T Titan Iron Casting Clamp

C-06T / Titan Iron Casting Clamp

Designed to fasten luminaires to a tube or pipe of outside diameter 1-1/2” to 2-1/2” (35mm-60mm). This iron casting clamp is durable to hold a payload up to 220lbs (100kgs). Comes with 3-1/2” steel long shaft and 1/2”-13 bolt & washer. Main body has a bonding position to safety wire to anchor.

● Weight: 1.25kg (2.75lbs)

● Safe Working Load: 100kg (220lbs)

When using c-clamps care must be taken to not over-tighten the pipe bolt which affixes the clamp to the batten. If this bolt is over-tightened, it can easily dimple or “drill” into the batten, seriously compromising the strength of the batten. A finger tight plus half turn with the wrench is all that is required.