KS-231 / KS-232

KUPO Grip Quick-released Adapter w/ Plate


KS-231 / Quick-released Adapter w/ Plate (14.7 x 16.2cm)

KS-232 / Quick-released Adapter w/ Plate (18.5 x 21.5cm)

This quick release adapter set includes an aluminum plate and a multifunction adapter that fits with any equipment that comes with 5/8” (16mm) baby stud, 1/4”-20 male threaded, 3/8”-16 male thread or Arca-swiss style ball head. Four supplied screws make aluminum plate mounting on the case with ease, plus twist-to-lock multifunction adapter allows it to be a great mounting solution for your case (or anything aluminum plated can be mounted on) on stand, tripod, Convi clamp, articulated arm.