KUPO Grip / Ball Head For Convi Clamp & Cheese Plate

KS-419 / Ball Head For Convi Clamp & Cheese Plate

Super knuckle features a double socket arm and ball head in each end which can be locked by the centre knob. It offers an ultra-versatile solution for mounting and positioning. Constructed from a die-cast aluminum alloy shell, ball heads and knob make it sturdy and lightweight. The standard Dia.26mm ball head with hard anodized and serrated surface is grabbed better by the shell and weather resistant. The shell is designed with 2 side deeper cutting offering a greater tilt down angle. A build in silicon rubber sleeve holds the unit together while changing the ball head. The double sockets and ball heads offer the ability to interchange various components for a wide range of applications in industries including lighting, camera, monitors, tablets, smart phones and any mobile device. Overall length: 151mm(5.95”), Loading capacity: 8kg(17.6lbs)

CNC machining aluminum ball head with holes in the round plate, designed to mount on the Super Convi clamp with the M5 screws (supplied) or standard cheese plates with two 3/8” bolts & nuts or two 1/4-20” bolt & nut (supplied) on 1” center-to-center holes for easy connecting super knuckle system.

Overall length: 151mm(5.95”)

Loading capacity: 8kg(17.6lbs)


KUPO Grip Super Knuckle series

1-2. Angle adjustable in all directions. / 3. 3/8”-16 to 1/4”-20 reducer is inside the cover. / 4. Hard anodized ball head with serrated surface treatment. / 5. The serrated surface treatment increases the friction of ball joint. / 6. Exchangeable ball heads and double sockets offers an ultra-versatile mounting solution.