SW-02 / Safety Wire (Ø 2.0 mm, 7 x 7 wire)

SW-02 / Safety Wire Ø 2.0mm, 7 x 7 wire, Ø 3.0mm (with PVC jacket)

Item SWL A B C D
SW-02 5kg 70cm 50mm 4.8mm 7.0mm


Safety Wire

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Kupo Safety wire Is fabricated of galvanized steel wire, and constructed in accordance with DIN3055 and DIN3060. It is used as secondary bonding for rigging, lighting and other equipments to truss or stand, rendering a secondary flexible coupling in additional to regular fixture. Standard finish is metallic silver and black coating is available upon request.

Manufacturing workshop is fully equipped with tension and drop testing machine to ensure each batch of safety wire production meet the breaking force on respective standard. Computerized system is able to sync the testing report.

Safety Wire