Provider of professional lighting support and grip equipment.
A leading manufacturer of professional lighting support and grip equipment, KUPO has established a strong reputation for quality and innovation. We hope that through this site, we can offer our customers more detailed information and service. The success of KUPO Grip is a result of our commitment to provide the best products and service to those who work tirelessly behind the scene of motion pictures, television, and photography. 

Through communication with our valued customers and work with our experienced Research and Development team, we have developed many innovative and unique products for the industry that allow for greater ease and efficiency.
All KUPO grip products have been designed and manufactured under strict quality control for long lasting durability in harsh production environments and to meet internal safety regulations. 
Our products, including our electrical accessories, and popular Convi clamps, couples, safety wires, and wind-up stands, have been certified by the TUV-GS, CE, UL, and CUL. We appreciate your constant encouragement and input that pushes us to strive for better service and products that meet your requirements.