PowerFit connectors are well fabricated and compatible with major brands of single-pole power connector.
The invented patent key releasing pin, particularly embedded on each line source and panel source, delivers great safety and convenience without additional tool while uncoupling. 
PowerFit is made in high standards. Full series employ high impact and temperature resistance thermoplastic, with flame retardant compound. Ergonomic rubber hand grip
on each line connector provides the great comfort to the utility. The M40 cable gland comes standard and while connectors mated, it becomes IP67 rated. Unsurpassed
pushing button design makes the handling of coupling and uncoupling easier. Respective phase and line information is clearly marked on the connectors for easy identification.
The contact is made of brass with silver plated, providing excellent conductivity. Cotter pin is made of POM featuring great insulation, high stiffness, low friction and absorbent.
- Current Rating: 400A continuous with 120mmsq cable.
- Withstanding Voltage: 1000Vac. - Test Voltage: 4500Vac.
- Short Circuit Rating: Up to 35.5kA.
- Insulation Resistance: >5000 M Ohms at 500Vac.
- Contact Resistance: 0.1m Ohms.
- IP rating while mated: IP67.
- Contact Material: Brass with silver plated.
- Housing Material: High Impact Resistant Thermoplastic.
- Cotter Pin Material: POM.
- Working Temperature: 45 to 85 Degree C /
- Contact Type: Set Screw.
- Set Screw Torque on Brass Contact: 10.5 N/meter (minimum required).
- Mating Cycle: 500 /
- Flammability: UL94-V0.
- CE and RoHS compliant.  {KomentoDisable}
Innovative push-to-release design makes the
uncoupling handy without additional Tool.
This can be dismantled through small slotted
screwdriver if needed.
M40 cable gland comes with two rubber sleeves
(I.D. 18mm and 26mm) for the greatest flexibility
with fitting the cable.
Comfort handling with superior &
ergonomic rubber grip.
R120 reduction sleeve made of brass with silver
plated for accommodating up to dia. 16.50mm wire.
Shorter cotter pin for line source; longer one for line
drain. For safety, never reuse cotter pin.