KD-300 & KD-300-J

KD-300 / Universal Projector MountKD-300-J / Universal Projector Mount

KD-300 / Universal Projector Mount

Versatile, literally user-friendly, and like no others. This one-of-a-kind projector mount is fabricated with ball joint, providing 360 degree free movement for fine position adjustment and saving you much working time. Ratchet handle gives a positive and firm lock to fasten the position. The base is slotted with vortex pattern for maximum flexibility of accommodating diverse brands of projector. Bi-functional top can be a dia. 16mm socket (inside) or a dia. 28mm spigot (outside) for fitting various clamp. 

Weight: 1.05kg (2.31lbs) / Max Loading: 10kg (22lbs)


KD-300-J / Universal Projector MountKD-300 / Universal Projector Mount

KD-300-J / Universal Projector Mount

Literally user-friendly and like no others. This versatile and one-of-a-kind projector mount has a built in ball joint, providing totally 360 degree movement for fine positioning, and saving you valuable working time. Ratchet handle gives a firm lock when fastening. The base is slotted with a vortex pattern for maximum flexibility for accommodating diverse brands of projectors. KD-300 bi-functional top can be used as dia. 16mm socket (hole) or dia. 28mm spigot for fitting various clamps. KD-300-J fabricated with 17mm stud for fitting with specific junior receivers.

Weight: 1kg (2.2lbs) / Max Loading: 15kg (33lbs)




Universal Projector Mount