KSC-400K / Car Rig Shot KitKSC-400K / Car Rig Shot Kit

KSC-400K / Car Rig Shot Kit

The kit features a set of carbon fiber tubes which is half weight less and much stiff than the aluminum tubes. The Length is extendable from 1M to 4M by assembling 3 male and one female carbon fiber tubes. Three quick release bottom safety pins are also supplied to keep the tubes locking within one second. The best mounting solution on automobile are provided with two superior 6 ‘’pumping suction cups. Two burger couplers with the 16mm female are designed for efficiently connecting the assembled tube and suction cups. The shooting gear includes Max arm, Convi clamp and camera bracket gives the most flexible movement and precise position for car shooting. All equipments are well stowed in the built-in lid organizer of the zipped carry bag which is made from reinforced double Ply Nylon to ensure optimal impact protection for the kits.

Car Rig Shot kit included
1. KSC-400M X 3 Carbon Fiber Tube - Male2'' tube size w/ 1.2 M length
2. KSC-400F X 1 Carbon Fiber Tube -Female 2'' tube size w/ 1.0 M length
3. KSC-SP01 X 3 Button handle quick release ball safety pin
4. KCP-842B X 2 Burger coupler W/ Baby Receiver
5. KSC-06 X 2 Suction Cup W/ Swivel Baby Pin
6. KCP-700B X 1 Convi Clamp
7. KS-CB01 X 1 Camera Bracket
8. KCP-101W X 1 Max Arm
9. Carry bag X 1


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Kupo car rig shot kit is designed for automotive photographers with most effective way to rig shot for capturing the car in motion and blur effect. Not only the sense of speed achived but the interesting angles that would be nearly impossible in panning shot or tracking shot makes this rig shot a great tool to automotive pahotographers.


KSC-400K / Car Rig Shot Kit