KCP-433 / Super RiserKCP-433 / Super Riser

KCP-433 / Super Riser

Constructed from black anodized aluminum, the extension riser includes one riser and two sections which come with a 3/8’’-16 thread male stud in one end and a 3/8”-16 thread female in the other. Plus a heavy duty metal ball head with a 3/8’’-16 thread male stud and a 3/8’’-16 thread female in the base. Designed primarily to precisely position the camera in almost any desired position with the height-adjusted column and the ball joint adapter which is good for car mount shooting. The height can also be extended from 27cm (10.7’’) to 43cm (17’’) and can be locked with the die-casting aluminum wing locking knob.

- 3/8’’-16 thread female 

- 3/8’’-16 thread male

Length: 27cm (10.7")

Height: 43cm (17")




KCP-433 / Super Riser