A cuculoris, shortened to cookie, is used to create a more natural look by breaking up the light from a man made source. It can be used to simulate movement by passing shadows or light coming through a leafy canopy. Kupo wood cookie are made by 10mm thickness high quality plywood that built to long lasting operating. The U-shaped metal cookie holder with 10mm pin is equipped offers an easy combination method for the cookie with light stand through a grip head.

KUPO Grip Wood Cucoloris (Cookie) Breakup

KH-C1824 / Wood Cucoloris (Cookie) Breakup - 18" X 24"

KH-C2436 / Wood Cucoloris (Cookie) Breakup - 24" X 36"


KUPO Grip Wood Cucoloris (Cookie) Breakup


KH-B1824 / Wood Cucoloris (Cookie) Blinds - 18" X 24"

KH-B2436 / Wood Cucoloris (Cookie) Blinds - 24" X 36"


KUPO Grip Cucoloris Handle

KS-203 / Cucoloris Handle

Constructed from heavy-duty steel with 3/8” stud, this cucoloris handle is designed for holding any Breakup or blinds which comes with 10mm thickness plywood.