KCP-230 / 2.5’’ Grip Head with a Swivel 16mm Baby Spigot (Silver)

KCP-230 / 2.5" Grip Head with a Swivel 16mm Baby Spigot (Silver)

Swivel 5/8’’ (16 mm) baby pin designed for wide angle of fixed solution. Also 16mm baby receiver (inside) and 28mm junior pin (outside) attach to the grip head for fitting onto various stand tops or mounting accessories.

Weight: 700g (1.55lbs)


Product Video

KUPO Grip Head (also Gobohead) is specially designed to be mounted on C-stand with its 16mm socket. Four different size and rotatable V jaw allows you to attach the scrims, flags, cutters, reflectors and backdrops to meet various requirements of lighting control.

 KCP-200 / 2-1/2” Grip Head (Silver)KCP-200 / 2-1/2” Grip Head (Silver)

1. Aluminum friction disc. / 2. Daimond shaped jaws. / 3. Dots & fingers are able to be firmly mounted with the 1/4" V jaw.


More Feartures

1. Aluminum casting body with 16mm mounting hole for a 5/8” (Baby) stud or stand top.

2. Non-slip, non-stick, aluminum braking pad offers secure locking and precise control compared to fiber which would deteriorate.

3. Large size T-handle is ergonomically designed for the biggest torque

4. Four V jaws for different dia. (5/8”, 1/2”, 3/8”, 1/4”) pins or tubes.

5. V jaws with special tooth design offers a better grip.

6. Steel material makes the located pin sturdier than an aluminum casting pin.

7. Stainless steel central bolt provides the most durable construction.

8. Dedicated bearing added to reinforce the torque for a stronger grip.