KS-199 / Multifunction V-mount Battery Bracket KitKS-199 / Multifunction V-mount Battery Bracket Kit

KS-199 / Multifunction V-mount Battery Bracket Kit

Fabricated with Convi clamp (KCP-700) and a V-mount battery bracket offers a great storage and mounting solution for your battery and transformer and an ideal way to both stabilize your light stand and free up floor space. The bracket constructed from precise laser-cutting steel with black matt powder-coated finish makes it harmonized with battery, transformer and Convi clamp. The built-in V-mount battery holder allows you to secure mounted a battery on the bracket effortlessly and a D-Tap output equipped for connecting your gear. In the reverse position of bracket, the unique transformer cradle keeps your transformer in place inside bracket with the elasticized Velcro. Simply making use of two tear-shaped holes, the bracket can be quickly hanged on the plastic stoppers mounted in the bottom of Convi clamp. With spring-loaded clamp, it allows to fit a variety of stand widths upto 50mm in diameter and easy to snap on and off for quick set up or take-down.


1. With adapters

2. With adapters and battery