KCP-415 / Off-set mounting plate w/ baby receiver (16mm)KCP-415 / OFF-SET MOUNTING PLATE W/ BABY RECEIVER (16MM)

KCP-415 / Off-set mounting plate w/ baby receiver (16mm)


Removable twist-on center mounting plate equipment provides an ideal mounting solution for all lighting fixtures and Kino flo in particular. Features a rigid steel ball head and a ratcheting handle allow all axis lock positively with one locking handle. The located pin and obvious lasering marking makes it effortlessly to twist-on or remove the mounting plate from the lighting fixture.

Mounting plate to attach Kino flo 2' and 4' fixtures to any industrial standard 16mm spigot. Features a steel ball head well-welded with the offset adapter for the maximum strength and offers the excellent balance for the weight of fixture on the center of the stand. Weight: 975g (2.15lbs)