KUPO Grip KSJ-500B / Stand Hanger Rack

KSJ-500B / Stand Hanger Rack

Stand hanger rack is constructed from aluminum die-cast super joint connectors, matte black steel tubes and steel hangers which offer great solutions for the storage and display ofyour lighting stands.

The rack are included

Item number Product Description QTY ( PCS)
Long black tube Dia. 35mm tube with 1,300 m length 4
Midi black tube Dia. 35mm tube with 1013 m length 3
Short black tube Dia. 35mm tube with 400 m length 6
KD-C01B Curved clamp-Black 8
KD-C03B Joint with Screw-Black 4
KD-C04B Universal Joint-Black 6
KS-118BT Stand hanger for lightweight stand –Black 1
KS-118BV Stand hanger for medium Size stand-Black 1
KCP-930B 3 way clamp-Black 2
Screw & Nut M10 Screw & Nut 4

Dimension: 120cm (L) X 66cm (W) X 148cm (H)