KUPO Grip MEZ StrapKUPO Grip MEZ Strap

MEZ-S1605 & MEZ-S3005 / MEZ Strap



This hook and loop Nylon strap grips and secures cabling or wiring. It comes seamlessly in a roll and can be cut into the length you need. Ideal for organizing all of the loose cables or odd shape gears. Customize the length for your need to make your own cable tie. Available in white/ black/ red/ yellow/ blue/ green colors.

Color Code: B (Black), R (Red) W (White), Y (Yellow), BL (Blue), G (Green)

Part Number Description
MEZ-S1605 MEZ Strap, 16mm (W) x 5M (L)
MEZ-S3005 MEZ Strap, 30mm (W) x 5M (L)