Size: 20mm(W1) x 13mm(W2) x 200mm(L) / 50 pcs

Ideal for sound, lighting and audio/video equipment. EZ-Tie is made by Swiss-made looms and strict quality control to assure consistent quality with superior performance. Hook is made from A grade Nylon and has high peel and shear values with an extended life cycle and an average 55 hooks per sq inch. It is formed under high temperatures to keep it with better elasticity and more durability. The Un-Napped loop brings a very high life cycle with an average 42 woofs per sq inch. EZ-TIE has been tested under +93 degree C and -56.7 degree C and lasted 1,000 hrs matting without fail. The working temperature from 80 degree C to -20 degree C. High life cycle with over 10,000 closures. Washable, UV resistant to prevent discoloration.

The simple cable ties are lighter and thinner than the deluxe cable ties but are still incredibly strong. They feature an opening in the “head” of the tie that the tip of the “tail” goes through to pull it snug. They also come in five different color options to easily categorize your cables.