KUPO Grip / Rock’s Arm

KCP-111 / 11”Rock's Arm


The Kupo Rock’s arm is a precise and versatile articulating arm designed for holding field monitors, recorders, LED lights and microphones on camera rigs. Friction wheel controls ball-joint tension simultaneously making the arm handy and convenient to operate. The ends are engineered for 360 degree rotation plus 90 degree, pivoting this provides great versatility for easy positioning. A unique taper engagement mechanism facilitates ball-joint fine adjustment even when tightened. Interchangeable 1/4”-20 & 3/8”-16 male threaded adapter design provides a great solution for disconnecting and adding the mounting device easily with an Allen key.


1. Made of solid aluminum and precise CNC machined with superior finish.

2. Stainless steel 1/4”-20 threaded in one end, and 3/8”-16 threaded in the other.

3. Load Capacity : 8kg (17.6lbs) in 90 degree set up.



Maximum Height


Maximum Load


KUPO Grip / Rock’s Arm
Two milled flats on the neck of the knob allows using a tool to tighten or loose with ease and convenience.
KUPO Grip / Rock’s Arm
Interchangeable stainless steel 1/4”-20 male threaded adapter and 3/8”-16 male
threaded are equipped in each end of the arm.
KUPO Grip / Rock’s Arm