Tethermate for Mac Book 15”Tethermate for Mac Book 15”

KS-312B / Tethermate for Mac Book 15”

The 17.5 x 11.7" (445 x 286.5 mm) Tethermate for Mac Book 15” is portable aluminum plate for laptop offers a simple and portable solution for shooting direct to your laptop on location. Feature a 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 female threads on its underside to mount directly on tripod or any equipment comes with 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 male threads. Three mounting slots under the portable plate make it a just a snap to connect additional accessories with the U-shaped sliding plate. The spring located knob is also included to keep the U-shaped sliding plated in place.


1. Touch-fastener strap threads through holes for fastening objects on the plate securely.
2. Round plate edge instead of sharp corners.
3. Non-slip pad is included.



Tethermate for Mac Book 17”Tethermate for Mac Book 17”

KS-303B / Tethermate for Mac Book 17”

With the same function as Tethermate for Mac Book 15”, but comes with larger size 22” x 15.7” (560 mm x 400 mm) which allows to fits for Mac Book 17”.

Weight: 3kg (6.62lbs)



Tethermate for iMacTethermate for Mac Book 17”

KS-305B / Tethermate for iMac

With the same size 22” x 15.7” (560mm x 400mm ) as Tethermate for Mac Book 17”, but comes with a stability bar which can keep iMac monitor in place.

Weight: 3kg (6.62lbs)