KCP-614 / Adjustable Poly HolderKCP-614 / Adjustable Poly Holder

KCP-614 / Adjustable Poly Holder

Adjustable poly holder is made by lightweight aluminum central tube and two durable extendable steel holders with anti-refection black powder coating. This is designed for any thickness of polyboard, or foamcore sheets from 91cm ( 3 ft) to 156cm (5 ft). The extendable clip equipped in the end of each holder is used to hold a polyboard parallel to the floor while the poly holder is in a vertical position. The central aluminum tube comes with a 14.5cm length steel baby pin with milled flat on one side for mounting on C-stand through grip head KCP-200 securely. U-shaped handle is also fixed on the central tube to make it easy for moving or adjusting the angle of poly holder. Weight: 2.5 kg (5.5lbs)