KCP-660B / Mini Viser ClampSuper Viser Clamp Feartures

KCP-660B / Mini Viser Clamp

Mini version of Super Viser Clamp which features a 1/4''-20 thread female on the dia. 3/8’’ (10mm) knurled steel road and a 3/8''-16 male stud in the bottom of the jaw for connecting with variety of lighting and video accessories. Ideal handy gear for a small backlight, to help hold a portable greenscreen, shotgun mic and perfect for confined spaces like tabletop photography or car interior photography. Jaws are constructed by alloy die-casting aluminum and mechanical interlocked with rubber pad which superior weather assistance for locking it surely and maximum griping range up to 2’’ ( 51mm). The 1/4’’ male -1/4’’male adapter spigot ( KS-051) is included. Weight: 250g ( 8.9OZ)



1. A clever groove notched into the back of the clamp keeps the jaws aligned with one another as they open and close.

2. Mechanical interlocking design instead of glue between the rubber pad and the aluminum die-casting jaws makes the rubber pad firmly adherent on the jaw without any problem to mount securely in vertical or horizontal way.

3. The threaded shaft terminates as a 16 mm pin for mounting lighting fixtures or grip accessories.

4. The adaptor socket complements the full range of Convi clamp.

5. The ergonomically designed handle provides biggest torque.



1/4”-20 threaded female on the dia. 3/8" (10mm) knurled rod.
Super Viser Clam Features
3/8” -16 thread male stud on the bottom of jaw.

Super Viser Clam Features

Groove design keeps the jaws aligned with one another as they open and close.

Super Viser Clam Features



Super Viser Clam Application