KUPO Grip Adhesive Hook & Loop Tape


This hook and loop tape is made of high quality nylon fabric with superior hot melt adhesive, delivering an excellent and strong holding force when hook and loop attach each other. It is made of 25mm (1”) width and 5 meter long. Versatile and easy to use. Apply this tape while you need to fix specific product and cut the length you want. Feasible for smooth and flat surface such as walls, plastics, glasses, wood and other clean surface. Each package includes 1" x 2.5cm hook tape and 1" x 2.5cm loop tape.

2.5cm(W) X 5.0m(L), Black

Material: Nylon fabric with hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive

High & Low temperature applicable (from 0 to 65℃)

- Attach the loop tape on the Croxs case.

- Apply a car truck storage bag.

Adhesive Feature
Loop Tack: 3.3 kgs (+/- 0.5) kg/in2
Peel Adhesion: 3.2 kgs (+/- 0.5) kg/in2
Holding Power: 4 psi (12 hrs)
SAFT Test: 65 (+/-5) Celsius degree