KUPO Grip Barrier Tape

GTB-001 / Yellow with Black print (Caution)

A non-adhesive barricade tape used to quickly and easily warn people of physical hazards, marking danger areas and special instructions with high visibility. Fabricated of 5mm polyethylene for greatest durability and tear resistant. This is a fast and economical marking solution for professionals and staff to use to mark off-limit areas and perimeter such as road works, construction sites and hazardous concerned areas. High visible yellow color with printed English word “CAUTION” provides one of the effective safety warning manners.


- Material: Polyethylene Film
- Adhesive: N/A
- Tape Thickness: 0.05mm (2 Mils)
- Tape Width: 75mm (3 inches)
- Tape Length: 100m (328 feet)
Product Feature
- Easy to use, high visibility
- No sticky, glue residual free
- Strong, durability and reusable
- Yellow color tape printed legend “CAUTION”